Monday, July 23, 2018

One of Many Ways to Unwind @ WIN - Weekend In Norfolk

Mountain View Green Retreat is situated serenely overlooking the village of Norfolk and has been providing hospitality to visitors for more than one-hundred years.  This magnificent Victorian styled Inn was built in 1890 and, today offers a comfortable world of respite as well as excellent and healthy cuisine to visitors. 

On Sunday, August 5, as part of the Weekend in Norfolk festivities, Mountain View Inn is hosting a series of events and welcomes all festival goers to come by and experience the relaxing elegance of some of the offerings of this time-treasured property themselves.

There will be three complimentary stations set up and running concurrently for guests to experience. At the first station, guests will be greeted with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in which they are the guest of honor!  Against a backdrop of Ancient Asian Cultural Decorations, our Taiwanese friends will delight you with the history and meaning of the various aspects of the ceremony while you are treated to Chinese tea served in the traditional way, using the traditional tea sets, cups, and ceremony. Come to be immersed in the Ancient tradition and culture as if transported back in time and place to China hundreds of years ago.

A second area will feature a variety of complimentary international dishes selected for their health benefits and colorful flavors.  Feel like you are on a cruise around the world as you sample cuisine that stimulates and delights while improving your overall health, energy, and constitution.

Freshly pressed juices are the highlight of the third station that are being offered with your health in mind.  Similar to a wine tasting, a juice tasting allows you to sample a variety of complimentary juice combinations designed to improve and help correct many common health conditions.  There are juices for improving memory, reducing wrinkles, ramping up energy, and detoxing the system.  If you have a specific health condition that you would like to address, we can discuss juice and food combinations that might be of benefit.

Mountain View Green Retreat is located on 67 Litchfield Road in Norfolk.  In addition to offering revitalizing food, the inn offers eight individually decorated rooms and suites. A series of holistic services are also available that includes Reiki and Massage Therapy.

About WIN - Weekend in Norfolk 

A Weekend in Norfolk Connecticut is coming!  Music, art, nature, food, and fun come together for 3 exciting days … Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd, 4th, and 5th!  See and choose from 80 events, most of them free! There’s so much to see and do, 3 days might not be enough!  

Musical choices abound throughout the weekend at Infinity Hall, the Yale Music Shed, and live performances downtown. There will be a wide variety of food all weekend long, with something for everyone! 

There’s hiking, a trail run and lots more outdoor events at A Weekend in Norfolk too!  Local artists and crafters will be presenting their work … and free workshops … throughout the weekend.  And there will be plenty of fun activities for children of all ages.  Be sure to see the rare stained glass windows in Norfolk’s 3 historic churches, fly a kite, attend open houses and farm tours, a farmers market, a prom for adults, astronomy night … the list goes on.  

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